Sep 14, 2010

Inside out

I really enjoy seventh day slumber and maybe that may be odd but if you knew me its just how I am odd man out. Just kidding I am truly a kid at heart and I will let you judge for yourself I hope you enjoy it too let me know.

Sep 11, 2010

We Will Never Forget

I was trying to load a very nice tribute to commemorate this tragic day when all
the World was brought together and made every attempt at standing together through prayer and brotherly love is all about. Without much success I could not remember how to load a video however it is on Godtube entitled Revelation Song please check it out. I still remember where I was that fateful morning, living in a 5th wheel behind our children's pastors house watching the news it was so surreal to me as if the world was coming apart before my very eyes. At first I thought it was a preview of a movie with alot of action but it wasn't it was truly happening will forever be a true turning point in my life. I was pregnant with Harmony and one of my sisters called me to tell me not to be upset or to watch the news she didn't want me to miscarry again as I had nine years before. I told her I was fine but I still kept watching the news it was literally on every channel. What I am really trying to say is that if in such a tragedy the United States could pull through and together we as a nation should be able to stand and be triumphant through any situation

May 17, 2010

Thank You Ruth

Thank you so much for the comment it really made me think that sometimes when I am going through something maybe there is someone so special to me going through something too. God Bless you Ruth I am praying and asking God for guidance and trying to remember just where I may have left Him. Seriously I know I am always joking around but you have given me so much that I am thankful for. You hang on too I know that no matter what you truly do have it together a lot of the time thanks again for the song it really fit I love these guys.

May 16, 2010

I just finished doing my bible reading for the morning like every other morning only this time instead of going to an other site and wasting time. I did something different I googled Seventh Day Slumber and on their web page the song was from the Inside Out. I am so wanting to cry cause my insides are in such turmoil I can't even explain or to even know where to begin. I feel like there is such a battle in my body and I am spiritually dying is that possible even though I read my bible everyday??? I do not pray at least not the way I should but I feel like a buoy out in the ocean just floating and taking on water. If it were possible that would be the best way to describe my state of mind as though all the garbage of this world was the sea I am floating on and its really hurting me. So what should I do I know pray would be the thing to do but I feel so far away from God I know that all I have to do is turn around but I am afraid or should I say ashamed. He is the only one who
has always been there for me but the first one that I turn my back on always what if this is the time when He says like others I am done or enough is enough my God what have I done with this precious life you have entrusted to me? And what do I do now I know you are not the author of confusion but my insides are so conflicted please give me the strength to turn around and reach out for that hand of love I know is there I hope is there. Just one last time to feel your loving arms please don't let this be all there is.

maybe its Rudy

maybe its Rudy

Buddy with a volley ball

Buddy with a volley ball